Buck and Breck

This one-room bar in the Mitte district can only hold fourteen people at a time. Those lucky enough to be buzzed in can look forward to a sleek, understated interior and some of the tastiest cocktails in town. Signature drink: the Buck and Breck, whose recipe dates back to the nineteenth century.

Lang Bar at Waldorf Astoria Berlin

Berlin and glamour aren’t easy bedfellows, but this serious cocktail lounge staffed with highly trained mixologists is a notable exception.


Viewed from the street, this bar could be the diner from Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks. Soft lighting and low-slung vintage hardware make it the perfect setting for intimate conversation. The bar menu and vinyl collection stick to the classics, while the smoking-welcome policy remains delightfully retro.

Kosmetiksalon Babette

Ever had a cocktail in a communist cosmetic salon? Now you can. Located on a breezy socialist boulevard, this modernist cube has floor-to-ceiling windows instead of walls, making it the go-to spot in Berlin for late-night people-watching.


In this world-famous techno citadel, the DJs play marathon sets that run non- stop night and day, through the weekend and into Monday afternoon. The venue’s main room was once the turbine hall of an East Berlin power plant and has concrete walls running up to a towering, sixty-foot ceiling. The sweaty dancers wear almost nothing, there are no mirrors anywhere, and photos are strictly forbidden. For serious partiers only.


One of the city’s most visually striking bars, Tausend is hidden behind an almost invisible steel door under the S-Bahn railway tracks. The futuristic main area is basically a long tunnel with cleverly placed mirrors and circular lights. It’s famous for excellent drinks and a stylish clientele. Another well-kept secret is the Cantina, a high-class restaurant hidden behind the bar. Call in advance for reservations.


It’s not as wild as Berghain, but you’ll still have a blast at this throbbing hot spot in Kreuzberg which boasts the best house, break-beat, and drum-and-bass nights in the city. It has commanding windows overlooking the Spree and a great light and sound system.

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