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If there is such a thing as the perfect wave, you’ll find it on Oahu’s North Shore. The big, glassy winter waves of this legendary surf mecca attract the best surfers in the world, while summer waves are far smaller and more gentle – all of which makes the North Shore a great perfect surf spot for beginners and veterans alike. The North Shore offers various rental homes. The house featured is a former army barracks that was loaded onto a truck and delivered to the verdant shore of Sunset Beach. Now stocked with surf boards, this property also includes an outdoor shower and a tree house that overlooks the Pacific. Other rentals, like this one, are located near Haleiwa Town, where you can shop and eat like a local.


Located within Hana Bay is Hana Beach Park, which has a long black-sand beach and is considered the safest swimming beach along the East Maui coast. The bay is protected by a coral reef and harbored from big swells by its curved shape. On the right side of the park is Hana Pier. Outrigger canoe racing is frequently practiced in Hana Bay. The black-sand was created by years of lava erosion from a nearby stream.


The Road to Hana is 52miles of narrow, winding road through the rain forests of Maui. The road has several one-lane bridges along the route, which date back to 1910. Breathtaking views of the rainforest, several waterfalls and a perfect coastline emerge from nearly every one of the sharp turns. The trip itself is an unforgettable experience. But you’ll have to stop and go to Haleakala Park. A two mile-long trail will take you through Maui’s legendary bamboo forest and past age old Banyan trees, “trees you get advice from,” before delivering you to the Waimoku falls at the head of the Oheo Gulch. The Seven Sacred Pools are also located in Haleakala. You can walk right up to the ledge or reflect from above it on a crossing bridge.

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Restaurants For almost four decades, Mama's has been the Maui destination for special occasions. A path of gecko-shaped stones leads through the coconut grove past the giant clamshell and under the banyan arch to an ever-changing fantasyland of Hawaiiana kitsch. True, the setting couldn't be more spectacular, and yes, the menu names the angler that reeled in your fresh catch, but the dishes are a bit dated in terms of preparation and presentation—and the prices are extremely high. But if you're looking for an overall experience, make a reservation and celebrate your special occasion here.
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Shops Oliver Men’s shop carries brands we love: Aloha Sunday Supply Co. and Pidgin Orange, which are displayed on shelving and vintage fixtures the owner, Parker Moosman, installed himself. Even the unique welcome mat at the front of the door, made entirely of pennies, is impressive. The store carries exclusive men’s lines, some of which are not available anywhere else in Oahu. If you’re not looking to shop for clothes, check out the surf books and natural soy wax candles that come in a variety of scents.
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