Friendly French food, Petite Jacqueline is a playful spot that is equal parts neighborhood eatery and culinary destination. It’s casual and precious in a way that keeps you in a state of engaged relaxation. The menu is well structured from both land and sea. The wine list is diverse, but also manageable and well thought out with a strong offering of wine from some of France’s lesser known appellations. It’s Maine meets France in the best way possible.


In a world of egg whites and spinach, Becky’s is the place to skip the healthy stuff and celebrate the classic American breakfast in all of its caloric glory. A destination for fisherman in search of post-catch sustenance (Portland is one of the U.S.’s oldest working ports) Becky’s is the type of place where the waitresses walk around to faithfully “warm up” your coffee and chat. Casual and satisfying, Becky’s is the place to start your day in Portland.


Less is more at Street & Co. The conceit for this beloved restaurant is to pair local food with Mediterranean flavors using low-tech preparation methods to create simple honest food. It’s a model often attempted and rarely successful, but at Street & Co. it’s a combination for success. Expect captivating offerings of seafood that comes straight off the boat from local fisheries. Expect seasonal vegetables and delicious pastas. Expect to walk away with a deep respect for the Portland culinary scene.


The wonderful smell of wood burning in the stone and brick hearth at the center of the action at Fore Street permeates the entire restaurant. At Fore Street they have been serving farm to table food — along side a diverse wine list — since 1996, long enough to give the Portland eatery status as one of the best in the state, and as one of the most enjoyable dinners in America.

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Shops Part art gallery, part clothing label and part pop-up specialty shop, Seawall puts a new and creative spin on your typical retail space. The hybrid shop was founded by Daniel Pepice, Sara Lemieux, Thom Rhoads and Brook Delorme in the spring of 2012 with the idea of showcasing the best Maine had to offer from the worlds of clothing, art and accessories. Seawall also stocks great product from other designers that serves to compliment the in-house label and local goods. It’s a worthy destination for those with an interest in creative things made with care.
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Design Not one to enjoy the company of others, Winslow Homer famously built his Prouts Neck studio with no windows facing the street, so that way he could paint in peace and wouldn’t have to actually come into contact with anyone. The most striking quality of the wood shingled studio —which has recently been beautifully restored by the Portland Museum of Art— is its wonderful ability to frame Maine’s natural beauty, surroundings that helped make Homer and his landscapes famous.
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