Housed in the nineteenth-century Palazzo Cagnola and designed by local architectural god Vincenzo de Cotiis, this fashion superstore is the city’s most celebrated multibrand shop. It’s a retail institution that combines the art of design with the art of shopping. Find Milan’s favorite Italian and international labels displayed among exposed walls, floor-to-ceiling glass windows, and marble and bronze accents.


Since the 1960s, when the Biffi sisters first opened their boutiques, the most buttoned-up and sartorial Milanese have come here for a highly curated selection of niche Italian labels and a selection of international brands, including Ralph Lauren, Marc Jacobs, and Lanvin.


Old-school dressing with a hint of English charm is the mood of this Milanese tie mecca that’s been outfitting the city’s signori for the last two generations. Founded in Naples in the early twentieth century, Marinella was famous for its shirts before its loyal customers realized that the sophisticated, impeccably cut ties were the real gems.


Well-heeled, in-the-know Italians head to this shop in the center of Brera to make their shoe selection from a wide range of international brands such as John Lobb, Carmina, and Church’s. The chesterfield leather sofas and armchairs combined with the old-school staff make this an ideal shopping destination for visiting dandies of all stripes.

Al Bazar

It’s easy to see how the handsome and well-aged Italian shop owner Lino Ieluzzi has inspired a generation of younger, sportier dressers to adapt an old-school- goes-cool way of wearing clothes. He’s always in his signature double-breasted jacket that does not come cheap, but at least you’ll leave Milan more stylish than when you arrived.


Myth and legend surround this old-style Italian hatmaker that has been handcrafting iconic bowler and straw hats for men and women for more than 150 years. Giuseppe Borsalino’s original designs have lured a laundry list of international celebrities, and his classic Italian style continues to be relevant today.

WP Lavori in Corso

Authenticity and quality are the two pillars of this small shop specializing in casual sportswear for men and women. For the last thirty years, WP has brought international brands (most famously Barbour and Woolrich) to Milan. In fact, it is so ingrained in the fabric of Milan that Rizzoli dedicated an entire book to it.

Pisa Orologeria

If you manage to make it down Montenapoleone without breaking the bank, pop into Pisa. A selection of top vintage and new watches from heavy hitters Rolex, Patek Philippe, and Jaeger-LeCoultre, as well as newer players Parmigiani and Greubel Forsey, are on display, and a smart sales team is on hand to answer all your horological queries.

Bernardini Luxury Vintage

A rare Patek Philippe watch or customized Louis Vuitton trunk? A set of gold vintage Hermès champagne wands to control the amount of bubbles brimming from your flutes? Milan’s most charming man-about-town Max Bernardini has all this and more. On early evening visits, he will happily bust open his stocked bar to offer an aperitivo or two.

Libreria Utopia

Pop into this small but jam-packed book boutique to find a careful selection of independent Italian publishing labels with many tomes celebrating the history of Milan itself.


Drugstores in Milan are chic, and Preattoni is no exception. While many of its niche products are available from its online site, treat yourself to a true Italian shopping experience and pop into the tiny shop, where you can find everything from beard oil to bath salts on one of Milan’s poshest streets.


This boutique specializing in tabletop objects in the heart of Brera is Milan’s answer to the wunderkammer. It has a well-balanced mix of vintage and contemporary decorative items that are nearly impossible to resist, whether it be a paperweight, a scented candle, or a small leather good.

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