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Creel and Gow

Inspired by the natural world, the curious objects here—a gargoyle match-striker, a bronze rattlesnake, mounted corals, exotic taxidermy—will enhance any office or study.

Men’s Store at Bergdorf Goodman

This is a unique department store in the city, in that it’s set up like a men’s boutique. Sections for bar tools and vintage watches supplement the great selection of designer clothes.

J.J. Hat Center

The oldest—and, hands-down, best—hat shop in the city.


Part of the Engineered Garments family, this Tokyo-based collective injects utilitarian classics with street-smart eccentricity. It’s an everyday, easy style with a twist—including the shop’s unlikely location up in the Garment District.

Bauman Rare Books

More than four thousand antique documents and tomes fill this forty-year-old purveyor’s New York flagship, and they’re bound in everything from original marbled pasteboard to pristine calf leather. The place for lovers of old books.

Dover Street Market

The third international outpost of Rei Kawakubo’s high-end fashion bazaar, this seven-story multibrand funhouse has (with the help of creative director James Gilchrist, formerly of Adam Kimmel) beautifully adapted its offerings to the New York man.

Books Kinokuniya

Japanophile heaven: fiction, manga, and impossible-to-find art and fashion magazines straight from Tokyo, with offerings in both Japanese and English. Even better, the spacious layout makes navigating easy.

1stdibs Showroom

The popular antique site’s brick-and-mortar shop occupies a whole floor of the New York Design Center. There’s heaps of fantastic stuff her —and handy digital aids for bookmarking favorites.

Mantiques Modern

It looks chaotic, but pick your way through the fine luggage, hefty sculptures, and elegant machines jumbled up in this masculine-oriented vintage shop and you’ll soon find the place is full of treasures.

Paragon Sports

Tennis sweaters by Ralph Lauren, Patagonia Nano-Air hoodies, and a broad selection of four-season technical gear and footwear make this Manhattan’s premier—and certainly most stylish—sports emporium.

Flight 001

From hard-sided Rimowa rollers down to smartphone accessories and smaller packing aids, this travel store has got any globe-trotter’s needs covered. The jet-age styling and functionality-oriented surprises make it a perennially fun place to shop.


With impeccable service and handmade shoes by the likes of Saint Crispin’s and John Lobb, this old-world haberdasher seems part Brooklyn, part London. Nail the gentlemanly details with accessories like Pantherella hosiery and nubuck gloves.

Paula Rubenstein

Incredible objects of all materials, shapes, and volumes abound—the harmony of their arrangement alone speaks to the owner’s expertise. The vintage textiles in particular are on another level. True connoisseurs will need no persuading.


The outerwear label’s first surf-only shop on the East Coast inhabits what was once the legendary punk club CBGB. Handmade Fletcher Chouinard boards and high-end wetsuits are the main draws now, as well as Patagonia’s seasonal lines of soft goods.


Denim guru Scott Morrison’s custom-jeans shop takes America’s (and the world’s) favorite trouser to a new level. Take your pick of everything from belt loops to hardware, and jump headfirst into the 250 or so incredible fabric options, many of them shuttle-loom products imported from Japan.

De Vera

Museum? Nope, retail. An easy mistake to make while admiring the marble, porcelain, and glass antiques that are sourced from around the world and sold here. It’s great for knockout jewelry, too.

Blue in Green

The Japanese brands sold in this narrow boutique spin true art out of denim—with details you can linger on for hours. Shop for high-end Americana at the brother store, the Real McCoy’s, next door.

R by 45rpm

The ne plus ultra of natural, heritage-inspired casual wear, as only these Tokyo based aficionados can make it. Indigo lovers in particular will flip.

Carson Street Clothiers

This diligently of-the-moment menswear store carries Ami, Drake’s, and a handful of the best Italian blazer-makers, and the staff is as warm as it is well-informed. It’s a must-visit.


This top multibrand store skews a bit modernist street. Go in with casual afterhours wear in mind, and give the spicy, woodsy house fragrances a whiff. There’s an East Village location, too.

Double RL

This is revival American sportswear as only a fashion-world Olympian like Ralph Lauren can present it. The airy, vintage-flavored space does justice to authentic, great-fitting pieces—check out the well-priced sports jackets—and to the silver items in particular.


This is a key spot for menswear staples—especially the spot-on chinos.

Grown & Sewn

The khaki maestros here offer the unassuming trouser of legend in hefty, Americanmade

The Armoury

Elevated menswear—from pocket squares to made-to-measure suiting—courtesy of a group of young aficionados who originally set up shop in Hong Kong. Ring Jacket, Fox, and generations-old Italian tailors are among the craft-centric brands featured.

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