A.W. Bauer Tailor

One of the world’s oldest bespoke tailoring houses, A.W. Bauer was founded in Stockholm in 1863. Since then its clientele has grown to include both Swedish kings and the worldrenowned playwright August Strindberg. Today, 150 years after A.W. Bauer first founded his company, its five tailors continue to produce world-class tailoring for a very demanding group of clients.

Uniforms for the Dedicated

Founded as a collective of artists, Uniforms for the Dedicated hold a strong belief in the art of expressing true intentions. The brand takes pride in making comfortable garments for casual gentlemen interested in long-lasting products. To ensure their products will stay fresh for years to come, their designs incorporate three things: design aesthetics, quality and environmental impact.


Grandpa sells Scandinavian and international fashion, interior design and vintage furniture. Since it opened in 2003, the store has offered a different type of shopping where service, atmosphere, and inspiration are top priorities. Environmental focus has been an important part of Grandpa since the beginning, too – they put pressure on their suppliers and often decline products and brands that don’t live up to the Grandpa standard. But above all, Grandpa is a store that’s impossible to leave empty-handed.

Herr Judit

Herr Judit is quite possibly Scandinavia’s leader in vintage men’s clothing. The selection process is fierce – just ask anyone who’s tried to sell used clothes to the store. Only the best garments are accepted, and this is probably why entering the store is like stepping into the wardrobe of your dreams. From denim and rare vintage pieces to smart suites and lots of accessories to play around with- if you want it, it’s there.


Haberdash was founded with an ambition to carry men’s clothing that can be worn proudly day after day, year in and year out. Five years after they first opened, their two stores in Stockholm do just that. One visit will fill your bags with clothes you’ll love for a long time. Another visit will most likely be the start of a whole new wardrobe.

Nitty Gritty

Nitty Gritty started out in 1991 as a reaction to the mainline clothing department stores that dominated the market of the decade. As one of the first independent stores in Stockholm, they’ve long offered their customers a personal mix of brands that can be cheap or expensive, Swedish or international, known or unknown. This is as important today as it was two decades ago. At Nitty Gritty you’ll find handpicked collections and inspiration from around the world.

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