The Gagosian Gallery Presents: Dennis Hopper

Mar 05, 2014
Dennis Hopper is a Man of the World Icon. He was an actor, artist, poet, photographer and director, and he lived life without any filters using all five senses to the maximum. Highlights on his resume include his groundbreaking turn as both actor & auteur in the cult classic Easy Rider, as well as gritty performances in films like The American Friend and Apocalypse Now.


The Lost Album presents images a young Dennis Hopper shot with a Nikon Camera and 28mm lens from 1960-67. The images depict casual portraits of culture stalwarts of that milieu: artists  (Jasper Johns, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg), Hollywood stars (Jane Fonda, Paul Newman, John Wayne), charismatic musicians (James Brown, The Byrds, Jefferson Airplane), and powerful images of the Civil Rights Movement.

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