MOTW at the Armory Art Show

Mar 10, 2014


Early last month, Man of the World visited the Armory Art Show at the Chelsea Piers on Manhattan’s West side. Our team included Jacqueline Miro, editor & art curator of our magazine, and our equally art-savvy fashion director, Julie Ragolia. The show featured several renowned artists who have already been featured in our magazine. There were works on hand by Aaron Young, who adorned the cover of our debut issue. Eric Shiner, the director of theWarhol Museum (also featured in Issue 1 of Man of the World) curated this year’s Armory Focus Exhibition which included American art giants such as The Gagosian and Magnan Metzgalleries.

Man of the World issues were also available on site for art lovers to purchase – we were proud to hear that our publication was one of the top sellers. After perusing the show for several hours, we asked Jacqueline Miro, our in-house art aficionado to share her thoughts on the various works, paintings and installations we saw.

Do you think this is a good venue for art buyers to spend?

JM: The armory is hectic. You have to be a seasoned buyer with a very specific agenda to come to these shows.

What did you see that impressed you the most?

JM: As a viewer, I come from a background of Urban Policy, so I tend to prefer work that is in the vein of what’s called Institutional Critique. I respond well to words, ad Icons (or Indexes).

Matt Mullican’s work has these qualities; he creates very simple signs that we can all recognize – stick figures – and then he creates meaning by syntax, by hanging the sketches in a specific order. His photography reinforces the sketches by providing a level of realism. Or what would seem as realism. Is the wooden doll alive and real, even though she has never been? Is the death mask alive and real, even though it was once alive?

What else really stuck with you from the show?

JM: I have a preference for work that grounds me. Harland paintings of a well-known cover design (Penguin Classics) or books on a shelf are quiet moments within the fair. Those are the moments I prefer.

In general, I always feel a bit overwhelmed at Art shows. I loose my sense of time and mainly, my sense of orientation, so these calming moments are always appreciated.

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