Crumpler: All-Weather Military-Inspired Rucksacks

Mar 12, 2014

For those of you who may not be initiated yet, allow us to formally invite you into the Crumpler fold.

Crumpler is a bag company formed in 1995 in Melbourne, Australia and they quickly developed somewhat of a cult following due to the popularity of their bags with bike messengers. It’s fair to say that when bike messengers (especially those who ply their trades in bustling, high-stress global cities) endorse your product, it’s a real badge of honor. The hallmarks of their bags are durability, quality materials, usefulness and original design. Over the years, the brand has evolved exponentially, expanding into luggage, travel accessories, tech bags and more, but their basic founding principles remain the same.

The new Outpost collection from Crumpler caught our intention for two reasons. First, they were designed with a vintage military point of view and secondly, they were made to withstand the toughest elements. These heavy-duty bags will preserve the structural integrity of all your precious tech gadgets and vital personal effects. Sam Davy, the Brand Director at Crumpler (who actually served as Global Creative Director for 6 years at Apple - yes that Apple), offered the following about the new Outpost collection, “It was inspired by my Grandfather’s military medals and draws on the different colors and stripes of the medal ribbons. The OutPost project integrates classic rucksack silhouettes with contemporary Crumpler hi-tech fabrication and custom water resistant textile design to create a new perspective on outdoor gear.”

For a Man of the World constantly on the move in search of the ultimate, all-terrain carryall, the Outpost collection is a truly sound investment.

Find the entire Outpost collection here:

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