Modern Driving - Inspired Instruments: Autodromo

Mar 17, 2014


Even though we are unequivocal fans of vintage timepieces above all, we’re still appreciative of well-executed modern wristwatches, and from time to time we will share our favorites with you here on The Handbook.  In order to work their way into our hearts, these contemporary watches have to hold the same qualities that excite us about their vintage counterparts; namely design, heritage, mechanics, and wearability.  You won’t find us singing the praises of just any mass-produced, soulless timekeeper here – just the best and most interesting wristwatches on the market today, and often from sources that might surprise you.

With the aforementioned qualities firmly at the center of their brand philosophy, we happily present to you Autodromo wristwatches.  Founded by Brooklyn-based industrial designer and vintage automobile enthusiast Bradley Price, Autodromo is one of the few brands that successfully pairs wristwatches with automotive design themes.  Firmly focused on the styling cues of mid-century Italian sports cars, Autodromo wristwatches have become incredibly popular with car enthusiasts and racers worldwide.  Whether you’re a Ferrari owner or a Volvo enthusiast, turn your own wrenches or just derive all of your automotive pleasure from watching re-runs of Top Gear, these watches speak your language.

Since launching the brand in 2011, Autodromo has rolled out a number of exquisitely designed automotive-inspired timepieces including the time/date only Veloce series to the impressive Vallelunga Chronograph and the new Monoposto – an homage to Post-War single seat Grand Prix racecars, which is also their first wristwatch with a mechanical movement.  All of these beautiful pieces are designed from the ground up with an incredible attention to detail and ergonomics not typically found in timepieces at their price point.  Hefty and very well constructed, the fit and finish of Autodromo’s products rivals watches at far higher pricepoints, so don’t let their affordability fool you. Their execution is superb.

Autodromo’s motto is “Instruments For Motoring”, and as fans of both vintage timepieces and automobiles, that speaks to us on a number of levels.   From the gauge-inspired dials to the perforated rally straps and bespoke packaging, the entire look and feel of the timepieces evokes burnt rubber and petrol-doused leather.  In our book, that’s just about the sum of perfection.  If you feel the same way, head over to their website and have a look at the collection for yourself.

We’re not kidding when we say Autodromo is one of the very few modern wristwatch brands that has earned space in our watch box.

Price: $425-$875,

Words by: James Lamdin - A vintage watch connoisseur and founder of Analog Shift, an online boutique for a curated selection of exceptional wristwatches.

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