MOTW Style: England's Edward Green Shoes

Mar 25, 2014


Many aspire to the distinction, but only one can claim the motto, and since its inception in 1890 Edward Green shoes have been the sine qua non of both good taste and dandyism. A centenarian reputation however, guarantees they are no secret and that the ‘few’ have become ‘many more.’ Still, with a fabrication time of several weeks per shoe, perhaps the ‘patiently discerning’ is a better descriptor at this point.

Yes they are entirely made by hand. Yes they use traditional—and even archaic—means to craft them, such as the seemingly magical practice of sewing with the split end of a pig’s bristle. (Not even the finest needle is fine enough!) And yes, there are those (like the public school set on their first job in the city) for whom a pair of Green’s is a right of passage. Their unimproved profile and hand-polished luster are the unmistakable calling card of a connoisseur.

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