Onia: Doing Swim Trunks Right

Mar 25, 2014


Beach season is here and we could not be more ready.  There is something so simple, yet so totally satisfying about gathering your best friends, finding a spot in the warm sand, and enjoying a day at the beach.

It has been said that in life, one only needs three things; a good lawyer, a good doctor, and a spiritual guide.  That is until summer comes.  The warm breezes and relaxed mindset leave our minds looking for simplicity and relaxation.  Then it is time for the beach, nature’s gift to sun lovers.  And the most important thing a MAN of the WORLD needs for the beach?  A great set of swim trunks.

In the world of swim trunks, there is a huge range of offerings.  We are pretty sure that if it can be thought of, someone has done it.  But that does not mean they have done it well.  That is why we have a lot of respect for Onia, a company quickly establishing itself as making something simple, but making it right.

Onia, the vision of Carl Cunow (Director of Production) was developed into a company a few years ago because as he states, “There is something to be said for something simple and well-crafted. We saw a necessity for a good product at a reasonable price.”  We could not agree more.  Although we love the colors and design of Onia’s products, the real secret to a pair of Onia swim trunks is the craftsmanship and care for detail sewn into each pair.  They take the principle of doing something simple and make it an art form.  That to us makes a pair of Onia Swim Trunks special.

Along with making swim trunks, Onia recently collaborated with the Ritz Carlton to create an exclusive towel for hotel guests. This is a brand we think will gain an ever-growing following in the years to come.

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