Shop Visit: Barbershop Decatur & Sons

Mar 25, 2014


As a man, there are few things more relaxing or rewarding than visiting a barber shop and later emerging from the chair with a haircut and shave you’re absolutely enamored with. But for this to happen, the barber you choose has to be a consummate professional with a skilled hand. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Decatur & Sons, the newly opened Manhattan barbershop founded by 35-year-old, third generation barber, Thorin Decatur.

This new establishment is located in a serene alcove of the heavily patronized Chelsea Market with décor hearkening back to quaint mid-century barbershops of days gone. Once you walk in, it’s immediately apparent that this is a place where the art of haircutting is taken very seriously, and tradition and heritage are of paramount importance. As Thorin explains, “Both of my grandparents cut hair while I was growing up – my grandfather had a barbershop on one side of the house in Andover, New Hampshire, and my grandmother ran her own salon on the other end. When I was younger, I really didn’t care at all about the family business, but as you get wiser with age, you really respect the history and crafts of the trade.”

In addition to his steeped barbering  lineage, Thorin further honed his skills by working for several years at NYC favorite, FSC Barber, sharpening his craft and developing a loyal clientele. “With me, it all comes down to attention to detail and building relationships,” he explains. “After I left the marines, I spent ten years in private hospitality before getting back into the family trade. That’s when I realized that no one teaches customer service in barber school. I am hell-bent on empowering my fellow barbers in the art of relationship building as an important part of our craft.”

Decatur & Sons offers a full range of expert barbering services including old school, hot towel shaves, and they also offer a deep selection of grooming and shaving products from brands like Ursa Major and Musgo Real. Each haircut/shaving session comes with tons of free and useful knowledge about maintaining follicle health, prevention of razor bumps, styling tips and more.

Even though it’s primarily a place of business, the ambience at Decatur and Sons makes it feel like you’re just stopping by to spend a casual afternoon with friends. It’s a warm and relaxing stress-free zone, and intentionally so. “Remembering my clients and building a relationship makes them feel like personal friends,” Thorin says. “This makes for an open and easy communication where they feel comfortable explaining what they want and I feel confident about being able to provide them that so they come back.”

To set up an appointment for the Decatur & Sons experience, visit here.

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