Timeless Summer Style: The Divers

Jul 09, 2014

This Man of the World – Dive watch selection displays pieces whose timeless style easily adapts to the spontaneity of summer. Highlights from Rolex and Omega, which have been historically worn by icons such as Steve McQueen, James Bond and John F. Kennedy, are even today wearable enough for the modern man. Although they are crafted to withstand tremendous underwater pressure and have even been used by NASA astronauts in space, these pieces are still practical enough for the man whose summer days are filled with swimming, boating and a night out on the town.

Elements such as the cool stainless steel of the Longines Shark-Mesh Divers Bracelet, bold colour straps with stripes as seen on the Omega Seasmaster Single Pusher or the Cordura Sea Gull or dials with pop colour accents such as the Fortis Marinemaster all invite just the right amount of attention without giving the impression of trying too hard.

For top marks in simplicity of style, no enthusiast’s collection is complete without the classic Rolex Submariner 5513. Here we find the gold standard of sports watches suited for everyday wear. This reliable and rugged piece is made of stainless steel and features a black dial with white hands. It is an ideal blend of class and masculinity, which makes just as much a of a statement today as it did 25 years ago. The Submariner stands in this collection along with the Tudor Submariner Snowflake and the “Red” Submariner MK IV, which would be another good starting point for one to enter into serious Rolex collecting.

However, the Omega watches from the 60s and 70s stand out among this selection in both number and versatility. If you are looking for an alternative to the “go – to” brands without sacrificing quality and style, Omega is well worth considering. These throwback vintage collector’s pieces offer funky case shapes, bright colours and unusual dials.

During this time, many pieces were issued in limited production and are subsequently hard to find. This has made them even more desirable for today’s collector due to the illusive aura which now surrounds them. Take the rare Omega Bullhead for example; robust and sturdy with a triangular case shape and sand gold dial acts as a great conversation starter for the man who is willing to take life by the horns.

After perpetual demand from enthusiasts, Omega reissued three versions of this seminal chronograph in 2013 available in a limited edition of 669 pieces each. Various examples of the Omega Seamaster are also present, which collectively give off a hip and functional vibe. Perhaps this is best seen in the Seamaster Roulette, which boasts a colourful and eye catching roulette internal rotating bezel.


These watches from the Dive selection are so esteemed by the watch community for good reason. Their nautical precision and sharp style will keep them on your mind long after the long warm days of summer are over.

- Written by Dr. Oliver Hoffmann, Expert in Wristwatches & Pocket Watches, Auctionata.com

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