The Art of Writing: Faber-Castell

Jan 20, 2015

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Perfecting a craft takes time, skill, and dedication. In the past two hundred and fifty years, Faber-Castell has done just that. Constantly innovating and reinventing their products, they are a brand with a rich history and a passion for artistry and quality. One of the worlds largest and oldest manufacturers of pens, pencils, and artists supplies, they have taken everyday items and made them extraordinary.

Founded in 1761 by cabinet maker Kaspar Faber, the enterprise has remained in the family for eight generations. Originally based in Stein, Germany (near Nuremberg), they have expanded all over the globe to places such as New York, London, Paris, Vienna, and St. Petersburg. While it was Kaspar who started the company, it was his son, Anton, who turned it into a major manufacturer. His initials “A.W. Faber” still reside on the original factory in Stein today. It wasn’t until the fourth generation of Faber, however, for another major change to take place. Luther von Faber, a traveller, was the one to push the company in a direction towards luxury. He secured top quality raw materials from a graphite mine in Siberia, and began to stamp his products “A.W. Faber”, thus introducing the world’s first brand-name writing instrument.

In 1898, Ottilie von Faber (Lothar’s granddaughter) married Count Alexander zu Castell-Rüdenhausen, causing another major chain of events for the company. The name changed to the now recognized “Faber-Castell”, and the logo of the company took on a new look, combining the Faber motto, "Since 1761", with the Castells' coat-of-arms. From here, the company has morphed into the one recognized today; an international power-house and leading name in luxury writing instruments, artists supplies, and office supplies.

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Constantly changing, modern times have seen even more innovations from Faber-Castell. It’s current leader, Anton-Wolfgang Graf von Faber-Castell, has introduced his own line, “Graf von Faber-Castell.” Producing extraordinary writing instruments of the highest quality, the star of the line is “The Perfect Pencil” as well as featuring a different “Pen of the Year” every year. Famous artists have been known to use Faber-Castell products, and they are especially well-liked amongst manga and comic makers. Artist Adam Hughes (DC comics, Marvel Comics, Lucasfilm) is but one artist who favors Faber-Castell products above others.

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A family company with a rich history and a direct lineage, they have never strayed from their own. They have only grown and innovated, bringing further inventions to their craft. Made from the highest quality materials found around the world, a Faber-Castell piece is unlike any other, always reliable, and simply, perfect.

Written by: Jordan Zev Adler



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