Chatting With Jeweler Scosha in Her Williamsburg-based Studio

On a warm summer afternoon, we met with Australian jeweler Scosha Woolridge at her Williamsburg storefront and studio on Grand Street in Williamsburg. Since 2013, she has been meticulously handcrafting her eponymous Brooklyn-based jewelry collection with the help from her husband, Joe,  and team of classically trained artisans. In recent years, she has collaborated on projects with Club Monaco and Ralph Lauren, designed a fine jewelry collection modeled by Jemima Kirke and launched a children’s collection.

Intrigued, we asked Scosha to tell us more:


Jewelry designer Scosha Woolridge in her Williamsburg based studio.

MAN of the WORLD: Tell me about a recent project.

Scosha Woolridge: We just did the bracelet for the official Team USA uniform Ralph Lauren designed for this year's Olympic Games in Rio.  

RRL’s Doug Bihlmaier wearing Native American embellishments Image via Sanforized

MotW: Name a favorite moment when a man wore Scosha.

SW: Doug Bihlmaier, the longstanding vintage buyer for RRL. He wears bracelets that he ties in with his native american embellishments – and denim.

MotW: Handmade vs machine made?

SW: For me, handmade is always preferred. There is an inner life force that is attached to anything made by hand. Even things that are machine made, there is still a person behind the machine. So really, what is considered handmade?

Behind the retail store, the studio behind houses artisan tools that Scosha uses to make precious ornaments

MotW: What materials do you work with and how to they inspire you?

SW: I with work with 70% gold or brass. Yellow is such a warm color and it looks great on people’s skin. My two biggest inspirations in terms of jewelry and textiles are Indian jewelry, which is a lot of gold – and silver Turkish and Afghani jewelry.

MotW: If you weren’t making jewelry, what would you be doing?

SW: I’ve written a couple of kids' books. So I would probably being doing that.

MotW: Can you tell me about one?

SW: One is about this guy called the crown head. He was a caravan that runs on a color wheel. When you spin the color wheel it creates white light, so that creates energy to time travel.

Weaving a signature Scosha bracelet, a closeup revealing a process that takes artisans nearly 30 minutes to complete

MotW: Speaking of the future, what’s the next project you’re working on?

SW: We’ve created this totem bracelet. It is small and personal -- the kind of thing you can collect. I don’t think of it as jewelry, but more like textiles on the body ... like something that becomes a part of you.

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