Issue No. 6


Issue No. 6 of MAN of the WORLD is here and we could not be more excited.

This Winter Issue is all about explorers and the great outdoors.

As usual, we have two covers for you; one featuring the talented Taylor Kitsch, star of the winter's most anticipated action film, Lone Survivor, and the handsome David Gandy, the world's highest-paid model and a diehard car buff.

Other Men of the World from this issue:

- Lapo Elkann - Fiat heir and international style icon

- Sebastien Jondeau - Karl Lagerfeld's right-hand man

- Les Stroud - Cameraman and host of Survivorman

- Felix Baumgartner - World Champion skydiver

- Nigel Cabourn - Menswear legend

- Ben Gorham - Founder of Byredo