L'Atelier Du Vin

Bottle Chilling Sleeve

Keep your bottles of wine and champagne perfectly chilled with the L'Atelier Du Vin sleeve. Put this sleeve in the freezer until its gel like substance is solid. Then wrap it around the bottle and let it do its magic. The design of the L'Atelier Du Vin sleeve will keep the bottle chilled for a couple of hours.

About the Brand

Since 1926 L'Atelier du Vin has perfected the manufacture of supplies and equipment for winemaking, bottling, and serving. Its long and rich history has made L'Atelier du Vin the only company able to master every step that goes into winemaking. L'Atelier du Vin counts with some of the most influential wine connoisseurs in the world. Every product is entirely made in France. 

Country of Origin: France

External Material: 100% cotton

Interior Material: Polyester with Eutectic Gel Lining 

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