Canvas 2-way Tote - Black

This 2-way Tote features a canvas fabric shell with leather trims and panels, a woven carry handle, and zip concealed shoulder straps. Carry all tote or whip out the straps to conveniently convert it into a backpack. 

About the Brand:

Founded by Eiichiro Homma and Takashi Imaki in 2003, Nanamica is a brand known for using traditional pieces to design their collection of garments. They are known for combining outerwear with creative fashion and design. The brand specifically uses pioneering technical fabrics some being Gore-Tex, Coolmax and Per-Tex. Founded in Japan.

Condition: New

Materials: Leather, Polyester

Size: 15" H x 18.6" W x 6.5" D

Country of Origin: Japan

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