Clear Toothpaste Roller

Toothpaste is an everyday item we all use, but it is also an item then can be notoriously messy and unsightly. With this roller, toothpaste is neatly displayed and conveniently dispensed. Simply load the end of the toothpaste into the slot and roll. It will cleanly squeeze the toothpaste out and ensure you get the most of a tube. The base is made from clear acrylic and the apparatus is a polished chrome. An excellent bathroom accessory, it is guaranteed a long life.

About the Brand:

Founded in 2009, This Milano based company is dedicated to manufacturing natural products for an array of different categories, including travel accessories, personal care products, and home accessories. They use an assortment of complex materials in their pieces, such as horn, wood, metals, and leather to ensure the utmost quality and use. All of their products are made from sensitive materials and require specific attention, which is why they are all completely hand made.

Condition: New

Materials: Chrome, Acrylic

Size: 3.75” W x 3” L x 2” H

Note: Best used with our highly recommended Marvis Toothpaste

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