The Longines Comet or "Mystery Dial" is a watch you do not see every day and it is a shame. It was simple too advanced for the time period. A broad arrow depicts the hours while an orbiting dot depicts the minutes. Both the arrow and the dot are on revolving disks, which gives the impression that they are moving without being connected to the dial. That is where the term "Mystery Dial" comes from. The Longines Comet came in red, yellow, blue, and an array of other colors. The most sought after Comets are the red's and the yellow's.

About the Brand

Longines history spans more than three centuries. The company was founded in Saint-Imier, Switzerland in 1832. The pioneer behind the brand was Auguste Agassiz, brother of the famous naturalist Louis Agassiz. Longines first gained notoriety in the United States especially amongst equestrian circles who demanded precise timepieces. Their relationship with the equestrian world led to the development of better movements, which caught the attention of aviators around the glove. Charles A. Lindbergh was amongst Longines most loyal costumers. Their newfound relationship with aviators led to a new era for Longines. They soon became the official timekeepers for Formula One, Tennis and the Equestrian world.  

Technical Specs

Longines Comet 8472

Movement: Caliber 702 Manual

Year: 1970

Case Diameter: 35 mm  

Case Material: Steel  

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