Small Roadrunner Inlay Trays

Smaller than ones we typically see, this tray feature a “Roadrunner” graphic in the center. As with all Couroc trays, the graphic is completely hand laid by skilled artisans  using a mix of woods, plastics, and shells. Due to their hand made nature, no two are exactly the same. An excellent small piece for anywhere around the home, the edges of the tray are slightly elevated to keep its contents in place.

About the Brand:

Couroc was founded in 1948 by Guthrie Sayle Courvoisier and Moira Wallace. The company was headquartered in Monterrey, California from 1948 to 1990. Everything done by Couroc was handmade by skilled artisans from the surrounding areas of Monterrey. Each product was made with an array of materials like metals, plastics, and various types of wood.

Condition: Excellent

Materials: Woods, Plastics, Shells

Size: 7” W x 6” L

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