Double Edge Safety Razor

For those who understand the art and importance of a good shave, we are here to offer you a necessary tool. This travel set gives you the quality shave you seek in a traditional double edge safety razor, but in a compact and travel ready form. Breaking down into four pieces, it packs neatly into the small leather case and can still fit even a backup razor or two. When constructed though, it is a full sized safety razor with an open edge that allows it to tackle even heavier beards. The head is standard size, accommodating to your favorite razor, whichever it may be. Easy to clean, lightweight, and durable, make sure you never go without a good clean shave, even on the road.

About the Brand:

A German company, Merkur is a well known name among traditional wet shavers. Offering a wide array of products, Merkur is has established themselves as a standard in the industry, producing quality razors in a selection to accommodate any needs.

Condition: New

Material: Chrome, Leather, Stainless 


Razor – 1 ½” W x 3” L

Case – 2 ¼” W x 2 ½” L

Country of Origin: Germany

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