Douk Douk

Black Folding Knife

Originally intended to be sold in France's Oceania colonies as a utility knife for the ordinary workingman Douk Douk's quality and craftsmanship caught on all over the world, especially in Africa and Algeria in the 50's & 60's where this little knife wielded assassination attempts and terror across the continent. This historic relic we hope has outlived its bloody past and provides another quality knife to your collection.

About the Brand:

The legendary French pocketknife maker Douk Douk does what they been doing since 1929 – making simple sheet metal knives in the small town of Thiers in central France. Still manufactured by the M. C. Cognet cutlery firm they are a true icon of tool design and ideal for knife enthusiasts everywhere. 

Condition: New

Materials: XC70 carbon steel blade

Country of Origin: France 

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