Fox Bust Paperweight Large

This Gucci paperweight is perfect for your desk. It is a stand out piece and will most likely garner a few admirers. Use this piece to hold your most important papers, or mount it to a wall to use as a hook. We guarantee that you will not forget about them.      

About the Brand:

Founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 in his native city of Florence, Italy. The fashion house Gucci has become a staple for luxury and craftsmanship. Guccio was inspired to start his company while working at exclusive hotels in France and England. The array of leather luggage’s brought by the guests encouraged him to move back home and start his own leather venture. The city of Florence aided Gucci’s success thanks to its abundant leather supplies and its skilled artisans. In less than a century after its birth Gucci has become one of the most influential luxury brands in the world.  

Country of Origin: Italy

Material: Metal  

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