Issue No.15

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Man of the World No. 15! This time out, you’ve got FOUR covers to choose from, starting with The Man of Steel himself. Select your favorite, or collect them all:


The dashing star of this month’s sure-to-be blockbuster, Superman v Batman, shot by living legend DAVID BAILEY


The world-renowned artist designed a limited-edition cover just for us, complete with his own handwriting. An instant collector’s item.


The star of April’s Roberto Duran boxing epic, Hands of Stone, shot by SEBASTIAN KIM


The first Asian racing driver to compete on the European circuit, he lived the sort of life most men can only dream about

Also in this issue:

  • An exclusive portfolio of Superman and Batman artifacts from the world’s greatest comic book collection
  • Definitive buyer’s guides to vintage dirt bikes, first-edition novels, short surf boards, and vintage Braun
  • ELIZABETH RILEY spends a weekend in the Irish Midlands with Ginger Man author J.P. DONLEAVY, JOHNNY DEPP, and CILLIAN MURPHY, with photos by BOO GEORGE

  • The legend of dune buggy inventor BRUCE MEYERS, with photos by LIONEL KORETZKY
  • Model NOAH MILLS channels his inner gigolo
  • Writer GEOFF GRAY goes toe-to-toe with middleweight knockout champ GENNADY “TRIPLE G” GOLOVKIN
  • Lui magazine editor FRÉDÉRIC BEIGBEDER on books, boobs, and the state of the modern man
  • Moncler founder REMO RUFFINI on his path to billionaire status
  • The finest watches of the season, shot by TOBY MCFARLAN POND
  • An exclusive excerpt from photographer MICHAEL MULLER’s stunning new shark monograph
  • Fashion editor ROBERT RABENSTEINER, photographer DYLAN DON and model PAUL SCULFOR paint Paris red
  • The Originals star JOSEPH MORGAN on biting his way to the top
  • The Man of the World guide to Berlin

And much, much more. Order your copy today.

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