Leather Head

Suede Football

This beautiful, handmade football is made out of rich suede that will age beautifully. Built for the everyman, the football is made to fit roundly in the hand. Perfect for a pick up game or just tossing around with friends, these footballs are a must have for the sport enthusiast. Leather Head Sports has made this football in custom colors for MAN of the WORLD.

About the Brand:

Leather Head Sports was launched by Paul Cunningham in September of 2009. All the items are handmade from the highest quality quantity. Unlike other leatherwork companies, Leather Head Sports minimizes leather waste by stuffing their line of old school medicine balls with leather scraps. Paul Cunningham’s classical designs and old world craftsmanship

Condition: New

Materials: Suede Shell, Rawhide Lace

Size: 19 ½” Around the middle

Country of Origin: USA

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