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Comb - Nickel

For the Gentleman who not only takes care of his hair but enjoys to do it with style.  Heavily ornate this old fashioned comb has hand engraved patterns and scroll, in the Victorian style. New York City is engraved on one side of the comb to signify where it was made - this used to be a common practice of makers.
The comb comes with a hand made fabric sleeve to keep it in. The comb is easy to use and effective - we advise to wash and dry the comb in water after use. 

Production & Design:

The work is primarily influenced by classical antiquity from the Roman era through Victorian times style and aesthetics.  From his Brooklyn studio Lewis creates the unique hand crafted jewelry. When making work, he likes to use ancient processes like carving into wax and casting in brass, silver and gold. This is coupled with fabricating the jewelry by hand- sawing, engraving, hammering, and soldering the metals. This results in hand made eclectic jewelry and accessories, which are aesthetically beautiful and feel like old treasure.

About the brand:

British-born Lewis Williams studied jewelry design in London at Central Saint Martins and The London Guildhall, he moved to New York City in 2006 to work in the bustling jewelry industry and establish his label – LHN Jewelry. Lewis's grandfathers were interesting gentlemen - Henry was a boxer and Captain in the British Army and Nicholas was a cobbler and as a nod to these two men, the names of his grandfathers accompany his, in the jewelry label: LHN stands for Lewis Henry Nicholas.

Condition: New

Materials: Nickel

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