Meo Fusciuni


A natural contrast of Notturno, Luce is a light, bright fragrance, evocative or forests and rivers in the early morning. In contrast to the predominantly black, heavy notes of Notturno, Luce opens with notes of cedar and birch, with a heart that consists patchouli, sandalwood, and hints of tobacco. Closing out with amber, benzoin, and vanilla, Luce is a is a lightbeam, illuminating the otherwise shadowy Meo Fusciuni range.  

About the Brand:

Meo Fusciuni blend fragrances that bring you back to your most intimate momentsthe independent Italian brand pushes the boundaries of research, invoking your olfactory memories. Cultivating from nomadic traveling of the past, the poetry of the present, and mysticism of the future, Meo Fusciuni creates odorous liquid, a smell that sends you on a journey.

Condition: New

Size: 100ml

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