Mid-century Modern Rattan Drinking Glasses

Sold in a set of two, these vintage glasses are made of glass. The solid round bottom gives these glasses a sturdy footing, while the rattan handle adds security and color to the piece. Considering their age, these glasses are in fantastic condition, and due to their simplicity, will easily fit in with any collection. 

About the Brand: 

Art, passion, craftsmanship, and even the name has been passed down through the Aubock family for the past four generations. The most well known of them, Carl Aubock II, was a celebrated artist who learned the craft of sculpture in his father’s metal shop. Working mainly with brass and bronze, Carl II went on to make famous works of art that are renown around the globe. Today, Carl IV continues this process in the same workshop, and produces beautiful objects all based on the families designs.

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Condition: Excellent

Materials: Glass, Rattan

Size:½” DIA x 6" L

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