Leather Roll Travel Shave Set

Leather roll case. Chrome-plated razor compatible with Gillette Fusion Blades. Chrome-plated travel shave brush with silvertip fibre bristles. Handmade in Germany.

Production and Design:

Demonstrating superior quality, this chrome-plated metal is corrosion-resistant, extremely long-lasting, and has a luxurious luster. Silvertip fibre is a long-lasting, synthetic alternative to than natural fibers. It processed by hand and very soft at the tips, although firmer in the middle section than natural fibers. Some benefits include producing a rich lather with minimal shaving soap and quicker drying bristles. The final assembly of individual components to make the final product is entirely done by hand. Each product is then carefully scrutinized before it is approved to sell.

About the Brand:

Founded by in Stützengrün, Germany in 1945, the company has been owner-managed for three generations. Their expertise and pioneering spirit has lead to become one the world’s leading providers of high-quality accessories for wet shaving.

Materials: Chrome-plated Metal, Silvertip Fibre, Plastic

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