Palomino Blackwing

Similar to the iconic Blackwing 602, the Palomino Blackwing has a matte black lacquer coating and hexagonal barrel shape. The Palomino Blackwing is softer than both the Palomino Blackwing 602 and Palomino Blackwing Pearl. After extensive use of the pencil, the unique ferrule allows the eraser to be extended and replaced. Launched in October 2010, the Palomino Blackwing was made for illustrators and musicians who prefer soft, dark lines.  The pencil is sold in packs of 12.

About the Brand:

Palomino is a division of California Cedar Product Company, the world’s leading supplier of wooden pencil slats with a rich history that dates back to the mid 19th century. Palomino Original was launched as graded range of premium pencils that received critical acclaim and comparison to the famous Eberhard Faber Blackwing pencil, which had since been discontinued. Cal Cedar soon expanded its Palomino line by reviving the iconic Blackwing branding in hopes of introducing it to a new generation of emerging artists.

Condition: New

Materials: Incense-cedar Wood, Graphite

Size: 8” L

Country of Origin: Japan

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