Patch Rug

As good as it gets. An eclectic mix of fabrics from a number of vintage rugs, painstakingly taken apart and put back together to create a perfect patchwork rug, that is more than the sum of its parts. Colors from bright pink to yellow to light blue to deep burgundy provide contrast, while the varying patterns keep the rug bold and interesting.

Product & Design:

As each section of rug is chosen individually, and then reworked into the final product, no one rug is exactly like another. This process guarantees that your rug is unique, a piece of art that no one else has. The mish-mash of colors, patterns, and designs creates a lively centerpiece, sure to add character to any room or office.

Condition: Very Good

Weight: 1.98 LB

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This is a one of a kind vintage item. We only have one piece available for purchase.

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