Dopp Kit - French Gray

Everything has an opposite. Dark and light. Hard and soft. Sharp and round. Sweet and sour. Two pockets are just what's needed for separating all kinds of opposites: His and hers. Kids and adults. Dry and wet. Business and personal. Morning and evening. This collapsible two-zipper pouch is joined together with a solid webbing strap.

The Dopp Kit is made with a double layer of our original water-resistant Shear Dry Nylon fabric. Ideal for carrying bathroom supplies but can also be used for cosmetics or stationery. Washable nylon. Handmade in Japan.

About the Brand:

Postalco is a stationery and leather wallet company that originated in Brooklyn, with its production meticulously handled in Japan. They are known and respected for their sleek and smart design aesthetic and their unmistakable “carrier pigeon” logo. 

Measurements: 6.7" x 10.6"

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