Re-cased Pocket Watch

The Waltham Re-Cased Pocket Watch is in great working conditions even after a century since it was manufactured. This comes to show Waltham's reliability and quality. This timepiece was originally produced to be a pocket watch but it was re-cased to become a wristwatch, probably around the 1930's and 1940's. The watch has a shrapnel guard, which protects the fragile porcelain dial from shrapnel and dirt. Some soldier probably wore this Waltham during WWII. The vintage age of this timepiece makes it rather fragile so we would recommend wearing it during a special occasion. This Waltham is a truly magnificent timepiece with a remarkable story behind it.   

About the Brand

The Waltham Watch Company opened its doors in 1850 in Waltham, Massachusetts. Three visionaries: David Davis, Edward Howard and Aaron Lufkin Dennison set out to create dependable and sturdy movements that could be interchanged. This is a goal they achieved in a magnificent manner. Since the company's founding in 1850 to its closing in 1957 the Waltham Watch Company manufactured 40 million timepieces. A notable Waltham client was Abraham Lincoln. After delivering the Gettysburg Address Lincoln was presented with a Waltham Model 1857 pocket watch. This timepiece is now part of the Smithsonian museum. 

Technical Specs 

Waltham Pocket Watch Converted Into Wristwatch

Reference: Waltham Model 1883

Movement: 15 Jewel Manual Wind Movement

Case Material: Steel

Year: 1907

Country of Origin: United States

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