1920’s Longines Revers watch. Even though this timepiece is nearing its 100 years it can still keep time. The flawless working conditions of this watch come to show the quality and longevity behind each Longines. The Longines Revers is powered by a gold caliber 1187M manual wind movement. The dial is white with blue hour hands and Breguet style numerals. Longines was founded in Switzerland in 1832 and over the years it has cemented itself as a strong supporter of various Tennis championships, Equestrian championships, and Alpine skiing championships.

About the Brand

Longines history spans more than three centuries. The company was founded in Saint-Imier, Switzerland in 1832. The pioneer behind the brand was Auguste Agassiz, brother of the famous naturalist Louis Agassiz. Longines first gained notoriety in the United States especially amongst equestrian circles who demanded precise timepieces. Their relationship with the equestrian world led to the development of better movements, which caught the attention of aviators around the glove. Charles A. Lindbergh was amongst Longines most loyal costumers. Their newfound relationship with aviators led to a new era for Longines. They soon became the official timekeepers for Formula One, Tennis and the Equestrian world.

Technical Specs 

Longines Revers 

Year: 1920

Movement: Caliber 1187 gold plated manual movement

Case Material: 18K gold

Case size: 38 x 43 mm

Notable Wearers 

Simon Baker

Andre Agassi       

Auctionata Notes

Origin: Switzerland

Year: 1918

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