Sami Pen - Limited Edition

The Sami people, more known as the Lap (Lapp), inhabit the extreme north of the Scandinavian Peninsula and, besides being the only native population in Europe (in Lapland there are traces of Sami going back to the ice Age, approximately 9600 years ago is one of the scarcest.

The special limited edition Sami collection includes a limited release of 963 fountain pens (1KS) in Vermeil (925% sterling silver gold plated) with lateral filling system. The Limited Edition comprises both 1963 fountain pens (1K) and roller balls (R/2) in 925% sterling silver. The rollerball version is easily convertible into a ball pen.

About the Brand:

Delta S.r.l. is an Italian Brand founded in 1982. Delta produces both open and limited edition pens. In 1995, Delta reintroduced the rare lateral lever filling system for fountain pens. Delta's Indigenous People pen collection consists of limited edition fountain pens, rollerballs, ballpoint pens and pencils: a themed collection of different cultures around the world.X

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