Automatic Stormproof Umbrella

Unlike the traditional pocket umbrella, the Senz Automatic Umbrella feature a unique design shape that provides addition rain coverage and is windproof up to 50 mph. The narrow design and plastic eyesaver end caps make it easy to weave between pedestrians while walking through the city streets. You can open or close the umbrella with one hand and just the push of a button on the soft touch handle. Included with the umbrella is a premium sleeve with duel handles. With its durable construction and innovative design, you will never find yourself fussing with an inverted or broken umbrella again.

About the Brand:

The origins of Senz starts in the fall of 2004 when Industrial Design Engineering student Gerwin Hoogendoorn was frustrated from a week in which he broke three umbrellas. He then decided to devote his graduation project to designing the ultimate umbrella that would resolve all the issues of the tradition umbrella. Since finally being brought to market in 2006, the Senz umbrella won almost all major design awards. To this day Senz still strives to create new invovations for weather protection.

Condition: New

Materials: UPF50+ Waterproof fabric, Aluminum and Steel Ribs, Steel Shaft, Plastic Eyesaver End Caps, and Flat Silk Strap


Canopy: 35 ¾” L x 35 ¾” W

Folded: 11” L

Unfolded: 22 ½” L

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