Shell Cordovan NATO Strap

Give your watch a fresh look with these Man of the World Shell Cordovan NATO straps. People often associate these types of straps to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization when in reality they have nothing to do with one another. It is just strange coincidence.
NATO straps are a British invention. They were issued by the British Ministry of Defense to the British Navy because they were easy to put on a diving watch without having to remove its spring bars. The first NATO straps were black and grey made out of extremely durable woven nylon. During this time no one thought about NATO straps as fashionable or hip. They were as much a part of the military uniform as the boots and fatigues but then James Bond entered the scene. Sean Connery famously wore a Rolex 6538 outfitted with the British NATO strap on Dr. No. This exposure turned both the watch and the strap into must haves all around the world.

Material: Shell Cordovan  

Size: Available in 18 and 20 mm 

Country of Origin: Spain  

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