Silver and Braided Leather Cuff

A sterling silver bracelet which features two hand crafted leather blue braids lining the cuff. Signature stamped interior. Handmade by the artist in Brooklyn, New York.

About The Brand:
Burkindy is an artist who hails from Burkina Faso, a country in West Africa, from which he takes his name. The words Burkina Faso can be translated “Land of the Upright People”. Similarly, in the tribal dialect of the Mossi people, Burkindy translates to integrity, something Burkindy strives for in all his work. He is heavily influenced by tribal art, believing it to be candid, that there is a reality in the simplicity and perfection in the imperfection. Burkindy now lives and works in New York, but he maintains a goal to help people in his home country. All of his pieces are custom made unique designs and he crafts each piece in his studio in Brooklyn.

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