WWI Elgin Transitional watch with an integrated shrapnel guard. The guard was meant to protect the fragile porcelain dial during trench warfare. The oversized crown or "pumpkin crown" is placed on a 45-degree angle which shows how watchmakers experimented with various designs before introducing the modern wristwatch. The Elgin Transitional watch should not be worn on a daily basis, taken that it’s a fragile and vintage timepiece. We would suggest wearing it during special occasions.

About the Brand

Founded by Philo Carpenter in Chicago, Illinois in 1864 to 1968. The Elgin factory in Illinois was considered the largest manufacturing complex in the world. They manufactured timepieces for civilian and military use. Their production for civilian use consisted mostly on pocket watches. For the military they produced wristwatches, like this WWI Trench Watch. During WWII, Elgin shifted its production from civilian to military watch making. They produced chronographs for pilots, altimeters for airplanes and other aircraft instruments. 

Technical Specs  

Movement: 7 ruby jewel mechanical movement
Case Size: 16 mm
Case Material: Sterling silver 
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