Curved Black Leather Flask

A tradition dating back centuries, carrying a hip flask filled with whatever you may prefer is still an act practiced today. This flask in particular is an ideal carry, not too big and not too heavy. Made from all glass, the top is wrapped in black leather with two slits on either side that act as windows. The bottom is covered in a removable piece of sterling silver that protects the glass and also serves a cup. The lid is sterling as well, cork lined on the inside to prevent spillage. The backside is curved, making for a more comfortable fit in the pocket. Whether intended for use or added to a collection this flask shouldn’t be missed.

Condition: Very Good

Materials: Glass, Leather, Sterling Silver

Size: 2 ½” W x 4 ½” L x ¾” H

Country of Origin: United Kingdom 

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This is a one of a kind vintage item. We only have one piece available for purchase.