Wine Breather Deluxe

Simple, elegant, and functional, this wine breather is also easy to use. In one simple step attach the breather to the top of any wine bottle and then invert; the result being a cascade of freshly aerated wine. Serve from either the carafe or revert back to the bottle. Hand made and designed to serve time and time again, it is a necessary accessory to any who value true craftsmanship and the art of wine.

About the Brand

A Danish company founded in 1976, they are dedicated to design. Constantly seeking new materials and making the small details matter, their approach is minimalist and sophisticated. Driven to create products that make a difference and evoke feeling, they are at the forefront of functional design.

Condition: New

Material: Glass

Size: 4" x 2" x 7"

Country of Origin: Denmark


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